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Nicholas Adsit Vander Loop is a Minneapolis-based painter. Born in Orlando, FL and raised in Pulaski, WI, he studied Fine Arts at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities in Minneapolis and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2012 with a focus in painting. He has shown at such galleries as the Denver Art Society, Core New Art Space, and the Love Gallery in Denver, CO as well as the Quarter Gallery, Form and Content, Gallery 333, the A-Mills, and Hennes Art Company in Minneapolis. His studio is currently located at Hennes Art Company. He has done artwork for corporate art projects including the Capital One headquarters in St Cloud and the Emerson Apartments in Chicago. He is currently working on a mural at Insight Brewing in Minneapolis.


"I am constantly searching for and aware of beauty in the real world. My ultimate goal in art is to capture some of the essence of that beauty in my artwork. My paintings are equal parts expirmental process and traditional representation. My style is extremely eclectic, I paint that which I am drawn to."

-Nicholas Adsit Vander Loop

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